Introducing Playstyle | Podcast


Recently I've started a new podcast to talk about games. It's been a bit more than a decade since I started working on games. I have been part of making, and supporting games that have been played by billions of players.

One of the things that I’ve observed in the current game makers’ discourse, is that while there’s a lot of discussion about the experiences that the different games are building, it ends up being in an echo chamber which consists of other game makers, or maybe the super engaged fans.

While all these discussions are a great learning opportunity for anyone who’s interested in making games, they leave out a certain kind of people from those discussions - the players. 

Yes, the ones making games are also playing them, and the super fans are also the ones that are extensively playing them. However, these kinds of players are a minority cohort compared to the other consumers. There’s a huge population out there that doesn’t spend a significant chunk of their time thinking about making, or playing games, but nevertheless, does play games.

So, this podcast is the space where I want to reach out to the players and talk to people who are playing games for entertainment, than from a professional dependency.

With this podcast I aim to try and speak to different people about their gaming experiences, their likes and dislikes when it comes to games. I would like to know more stories about people, and their love, or maybe even hate, for games.

So, join me, as I try to learn from different amazing people, about their PLAYSTYLE, in this brand new PLAYSTYLE podcast.

Here's the introductory trailer. More episodes would be posted here soon. new episodes already available on spotify, google podcasts, and few more podcast platforms.

Ishan Manjrekar

Game Designer, exploring stuff in and around the digital products space